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    • Address:

      No. 28 Industrial Road, Xinqiaotang Industrial Zone, Dalang Village, Longhua Town, Shenzhen

    • Tel:

      0755-29849937 0755-29849935

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      xieyicong@sunonsz.com xieyicong@sunonsz.com

    With our sincere smile, in exchange for customer satisfaction with our service,

    Service concept, all for customers, all for customers, all for all customers.

    Create brilliance for my life for what you want and what you enjoy.

    People-oriented, customer-oriented and excellent service.

    Guarantee service quality and meet customer needs.

    Customer-oriented, excellent service and strive to be the first.

    Service-based, quality-based survival, science and technology for development.

    People-oriented, customer-oriented, solidarity, friendship and common development.

    To treat each other honestly, exceed the needs of customers; serve customers wholeheartedly, to provide more.

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